Bespoke, Vintage, Rock & Roll Jewellery

I graduated from university as a silversmith, designing large commission pieces in my Jewellery Quarter attic workshop. I developed a wholesale jewellery range in 1996. This was a success and I supplied the ranges to many independent jewellery retailers in the UK for over 12 years. I established my retail store in Birmingham's Famous Jewellery Quarter in 2000, concentrating mainly on bespoke wedding and engagement rings and contemporary silver. The last few years I have collected and created more pieces that are inspired by my taste in music, fashion and design. 
Rock & roll design, vintage tribal jewellery, folklore, fashion & the 60s & 70s are the bedrock of YGTS. Enquiries are welcome for hand made one off's, or if you are looking for a particular vintage piece, get in touch, I may unearth it on my travels !

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