I will be developing a new section in my shop to feature one off pieces in the southwestern style, using incredible stones I have found, either in broken vintage pieces, or just amazing stones I have collected over the years. 

In the pictures here, I have set a beautiful Labradorite stone into a 22 piece pendant. It is loosely based on the native american styles I love so much, featuring hand stamping, feathers, beading and attention to detail. 

This particular stone was in a setting that didn't show off the incredible lustre and colours in the stone, it really is an amazing piece.

Each piece will be signed by me in the Navajo style of initials and a symbol.

I will be featuring large unusual stones into a range of handmade pieces, including bangles, rings and pendant. The price range will vary from £125-£350. Great value for a one off handcrafted silver piece to treasure.

The bottom picture is a huge 81 carat turquoise stone I cracked out of a broken pendant that was going to be scrapped. It has a beautiful matrix. the pendant alone weighs a massive 50 grams and is a whopping 2.5" tall. A real statement piece of jewellery featuring beadwork and handmade feather details around the top of the bale setting.