My good friend You Got The Silver - aka 70s Pat, who a few of you will know from a couple of my books, and whose Green Man ring you might remember me wearing on here - has very kindly donated this lovely solid sterling silver folklore goat pendant for me to give away to one of you, with a signed copy of my new book Help The Witch. Not only as it in keeping with the folklore feel of the book, it’s also relevant, as HTW features a spooky story about a goat. All you have to do to win is recount a brief spooky story or event - real, or fictional - in the comments below, OR tell us some goat- or witch-related reason why you think you should win the prizes. Deadline is midnight tomorrow night and Pat and I will choose the best one on Thurs morning. If you’d like to check out Pat’s other work you can do so on www.yougotthesilver.co.uk

Inspired by our native landscapes, saturated by the shadows beneath trees and behind doors, listening to the run of water and half-heard voices, Tom Cox’s first collection of short stories is a series of evocative and unsettling trips into worlds previously visited by the likes of M. R. James and E. F. Benson. Railway tunnels, the lanes and hills of the Peak District, family homes, old stones, shreds fluttering on barbed wire, night drawing in, something that might be an animal shifting on the other side of a hedge: Tom has drawn on his life-long love of weird fiction, folklore and nature’s unregarded corners to write a collection of stories that will delight fans old and new, and leave them very uneasy about turning the reading lamp off.

“Tom Cox is an amazing writer who can take you on a strange and mesmerising journey in just a few short pages. From ghost stories with a classic feel to snapshots of a contemporary world this mix of oddities flow perfectly together… I devoured this marvellous collection in one breathtaking sitting.” – Bookish Chat blog“

It feels like a collection of tales developed over time, handed down through generations.  I can imagine them being read aloud around a camp fire as the sounds of nature surround you, along with the deep, silent dark.” – Shelley Fallows blog

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