Finished piece for Zervas & Pepper - Pledge Music. Sorry already SOLD!!!!

I met Paul & Kath a year or so ago in Bristol at one of their gigs through a mutual friend, I instantly liked the music and they are also lovely people with whom I share a passion for Native American jewellery and early 70s music. I recently met them again in Bristol at a gig, and we got talking about the upcoming release of their new album 'Wilderland' which they are funding through Pledge Music.

It gave me an idea of instead of me pledging, could I make a piece for them to put towards the album? The piece was made from the taking the logo from the new artwork (Wilderland) and putting an American Indian feel to the piece using traditional stamps, turquoise and a hand finished feel to it. (I also have an idea for a Zervas & Pepper Thundercrow pendant, based loosely on some of their song titles, I wanted to incorporate a crow into this one too!)

Check out their music "Laurel Canyon style folk-rock, Spaghetti FM Cosmic country, Prarie pop, 70's AM "

And look for for other pledge options here:-